Top 10 Best Steam Cleaners for Upholstery [2022 Reviews]

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Though we can easily notice the visible stains or dirt on the furniture, how many of us think that there may be different harmful microscopic creatures like viruses, germs, dust mites, and bed bugs in the same place.

Even well-maintained furniture looks dull and unappealing, with the oil, wine, and pet urine stains. That’s why experts suggest cleaning your upholstery regularly.

Nothing is better than the power of steam. If you have the best steam cleaner for furnishing then no need to go anywhere. They are the best option to produce an effective amount of steam to clean, sanitize, and deodorize your upholstery.

Now what type of steamer would be appropriate for sofa cleaning? A upholstery or a garment steam cleaner is specially designed for this purpose. It may be either a handheld steamer or a full-sized heavy-duty steam cleaning machine.

If you still don’t have a steam cleaner for all your needs, don’t waste your time in searching, we may suggest to you some best reasonable steam cleaners for your expensive goods.

10 Best Portable Steam Cleaners for Furniture

1. McCulloch MC1275: Best Steam Cleaner for Grout

McCulloch MC 1275 Best Steam Cleaner for TilesThose who are looking for a pro-level of cleaning solution should have a look at Mcculloch MC1275 heavy-duty steam cleaner. McCulloch is a well-known name in the world of cleaning, it is famous for making trustworthy, versatile, and powerful machines.

Whether it is a handheld steamer or a full fledge bulky machine, you will be pleased in both ways.

Using just tap water with a temperature of more than 200 degrees, this beast naturally and effectively clean and sanitize a wide array of the surface at your home and garage.

The included 18 accessories empower the machine to tackle with toughest stains on any stuff and ultimately bring it back to its life.

This machine is built for heavy-duty and prolonged use. It contains a 48-ounce water capacity that heats up in 8 minutes and runs up to 45 minutes. In such a way, a steam lock switch is really helpful. Just push it forward for continuous steam without pressing again and again. To fight stubborn sticky messes, a jet nozzle is just perfect to emit an intensive amount of steam.

No need to rinse or put your greasy and oily oven racks in hot water, with utility brushes you can easily take on such messes with the help of best ovens steam cleaners.

Cleaning of heightened areas will not be an issue, as it offers an extended range with 15.7 feet long power cord and 9 feet long hose.

  • Lightweight heavy-duty machine.
  • Large variety of accessories
  • Professional cleaning solution
  • Effective and chemical-free cleaning
  • Large water tank
  • Greater reach
  • Easy to secure
  • Little noisy
  • After finishing, you have to wait for it to cool down before refilling

2. Dupray Neat: Best Steam Cleaner for Furniture and Floors

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Best Steam Cleaner for Floors and CarsThe best steam cleaner must have all the cleaning aspects to give a professional touch in this regard. What else do you need, if you have a multipurpose heavy-duty machine-like Dupray that can deal with a wide range of cleaning tasks?

This device is mainly aimed to deliver three core features i.e. robustness, ease of use, and sheer performance.

Dupray neat steam cleaner deeply cleans and disinfect your different kinds of floors. It is one of the best steamer for tiles and grout lines. It effectively sanitizes your other household items like upholstery, mattresses, bathroom amenities, etc.

Its powerful steam with a temperature up to 275 degrees, properly degreases your kitchen appliances like oven/microwave and grill, etc. Last but not least deodorization, is something that is never seen but smells nice and completes the professional cleaning cycle.

With the retractable handle, movability is not an issue for this cubic device. A versatile 17 attachments strengthen the machine to clean and refresh your entire home and office.

A built-in integrated funnel makes it simple to fill 1600ml of water tank that lasts for 50 minutes. Its rapid heating system gets the boiler ready in 7 minutes to produce low moisture superheated steam with a temperature of 275 degrees. You can lock the steam for a continuous session. This is a must-have device for several years.

  • Works effectively on all surfaces
  • Elegant and powerful
  • Built for last
  • Extended reach
  • Low moisture super high heat steam
  • Lockable steam option
  • Uses tap water
  • Water level is not visible
  • The machine handle and hose get hot with continued use

3. PurSteam: Best Handheld Upholstery Cleaner

Steam Mop Cleaner 10 in 1 Best for FloorsCleaning has never been exciting work, as it needs great effort and time, but Pursteam mop cleaner makes it a sensational and simple job. Yes, this is a 10-in-1 convenient steam mop with a built-in detachable steamer.

You can use it as a push or a handheld grout cleaner. In both ways, you will be amazed by its super performance. With multiple attachments, you can do a lot more than just a floor cleaning.

It literally cleans everything like different kinds of floors, carpet, glass, garments, and other household items. Its practical tools and amazing cleaning performance make this device top-notch among others.

If we talk about the comparison between Dupray Neat Steam Cleaners and PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner, the major difference is there price. Dupray is quite expensive than Puresteam, but if we talk about the working Dupray can handle stubborn and sticky stains more effectively. 

On the other hand pursteam is sturdy and well built. The sleek and stylish design makes it more attractive. With light body weight and a long handle, handling is so easy that it is fun to clean anything.

The built-in steamer holds 340ml of water that can be seen easily whenever you want to check the level of water. So ultimately you can refill the water tank for the next use.

Another best thing is that you can use tap water as well. The steam mop gets ready in just 30 seconds, so you can immediately clean and sanitize your whole household.

Without using chemicals and detergents, this is safe for children and pets. The three adjustable steam modes make the device safer for all the equipment.

Especially, when you deal with hardwood floors or other sensitive stuff that needs a specific amount of steam with an appropriate heat temperature. Normally, steam works up to 20-25 minutes on low steam setting and half of them in high setting.

  • Leave floor like new and fresh
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Quickly heat up
  • Multisurface cleaner
  • Adjustable steam level
  • Easy assembly
  • Needs refiling for prolonged use
  • Only some portion of the mop pad touches the floor, not a whole pad

4. Hoover Spotless: Best Steam Cleaner for Fabric Furniture

Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner FH11300PCStains like spills, murky shoes, pet pee, and other messes can occur anytime. If you have children and pets at home, then be prepared for the worst. You can’t stop them from creating a mess all the time but you can handle such incidents with some great cleaning tools.

Thanks to the Hoover Spotless portable carpet & upholstery spot cleaner that easily lifts and eliminates stubborn stains by combining the power of suction and intense cleaning action. It offers convenient deep cleaning by spraying, scrubbing, and lifting anything from stubborn stains to daily wear and tear marks.

Generally, most cleaners are designed to clean the outside areas, but this is the only spot cleaner that comes with self-cleaning technology. This distinctive feature ensures you that there is nothing grimy left in the tube or at the bottom. So don’t need to clean it next time, you will already get it in the cleaned condition.

The upright design contains a dual water tank that keeps clean and dirty water separately. So it is easy to fill, empty, and wash the reservoir.

Lightweight, compact design adds more portability and it doesn’t need a large space for storage.  An extensive power cord with 5 feet long hose provides an extended reach to your stairs and other heightened areas.

  • Smart self-cleaning technology
  • Spot cleaner specialist
  • Deep cleaning and sanitization
  • Dual water tank
  • Greater reach
  • Only comes with one hose attachment
  • Bit louder
  • Not an easy to dry

5. Wagner Spraytech: Best Sofa Cleaner Machine

Wagner Spartech is a powerhouse of steam with an on-demand Wagner Spraytech Best Steam Cleaner for Wallpaper Removalsteaming function. With included 18 useful tools, it covers all essential household applications like kitchen, toilets, floors, windows, furniture, mattresses, garments, countertops, and auto detailing without chemicals.

Along with multipurpose cleaning, it includes a large steam plate for wallpaper removal that puts an extra advantage. Since it is not an easy job to remove wallpaper, with the power of steam, it softens the paper and removes it naturally.

Its large pressurized boiler holds 40 oz of water and gets ready within 9 minutes. It will last up to 40 minutes per tank. The led indicator lights show the steam status.

A green light indicates that the machine is ready to steam, if the red light comes on, this means you are running out of steam. Once it gets ready, you are all set to go for cleaning action.

The steam with a temperature of 212 degrees, cleans and sanitizes all kinds of floors. By attaching a fabric steamer, you can properly disinfect the mattresses, clean upholstered furniture, and de-wrinkle the garments. To deal with hard surfaces like countertops, showerheads, car wheel/rim, you need to attach a nylon brush.

While brass utility brush is great to use on grills to blast away sticky grease. If you need a concentrated amount of steam, a jet nozzle would be the perfect option. Similarly, straight and angled adopters are good to use in auto detailing.

Holding and carrying the device is quite easy with an integrated carry handle. Its big smooth wheels provide swift movement on all surfaces. There is onboard storage to secure the most useable tools for handy purpose.

  • Light and durable
  • Lots of attachment
  • On-board storage
  • On-demand steam
  • Detail cleaning
  • Nozzle gets too hot to touch
  • Storage compartment doesn’t hold all accessories

6. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY: Best for Microfiber Couch

Light N Easy Steam Mop Best Steam Cleaner for Hardwood FloorsLight n Easy steam mop merges both the performance and portability into one slim n smart appliance. This innovative device definitely grabs your attention with its advance and intelligent features.

Its ergonomic design with a swivel handle makes handling and mobility quite simple. Plugin the device and start steaming by just slanting or gliding it on the floor or wherever you required.

No need to push any button. Now if you need to disengage yourself for a while, but neither want to turn it off nor waste steam, then just place it upright to cease steam.

The detachable steamer turns this simple steam mop into a multipurpose steamer that can take on a variety of surfaces and appliances. To activate steam, just place your finger over the sensor located on the grip of the handle.

Its on-demand low, medium, and high steam settings make it fit for all kinds of floors like granite, marble, laminate, ceramic, vinyl, and sealed hardwood flooring. Its 180-degree pivoting head mop pad makes steam moping much easier.

Use distilled or just tap water, to make hot steam at a temperature of 212 degrees to remove tough stains and gluey messes. The device gets ready in 30 seconds and quickly dries any surface.

  • Smart switch for activating and deactivating the steam
  • Ultra-light and portable
  • 3 steam modes
  • Touch sensor-based technology
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Water tank is small
  • Comes with one pad

7. Costway: Best Multipurpose Steam Cleaner 

Costway multipurpose steam cleaner offers steaming services just like professional units but surprisingly at a low cost. It is heavy-duty, ultra-reliable and a complete cleaning solution for your home.

The large 1.5-liter water tank needs 8-9 minutes to heat up and allows up to 30-45 minutes of non-stop steam. This reduces the bother of periodically water refilling.

It uses 226-degree super-hot steam to intensely clean and sanitize both hard and soft surfaces. The 4.0 bar work pressure effectively eliminates the toughest stains and grease from a wide range of appliances.

The machine is specially designed to give you extra comfort while doing various cleaning jobs. The rolling caster along with two big wheels and a comfy handle makes it easy to move and lift the machine.

Besides lots of cleaning features, it is safe for your children and pets. The built-in safety feature automatically shuts down the device, when the water level is low or the temperature surpasses the exceeding limit.

This steamer is packed with 16 feet long power cord plus 2 extension steam hoses. So no more bending while cleaning your floor or carpet. The 6.5 feet hose enhances maneuverability and enables you to reach hard-to-get areas.

  • Ergonomic and humanized design
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor cleaning
  • Value for money
  • 4.0 bar pressure
  • Chemical-free cleaning
  • Certified ETL, a Safety feature
  • Greater reach
  • Average cleaning performance, not same as other professional units

8. Kiato: Best Handheld Steamer for Cleaning

Kiato Handheld Steam CleanerWith a 450ml large water tank, this handheld steamer is aimed to provide constant cleaning instead of refiling repeatedly. It is bit heavy but easy to hold with gripped handle. It is recommended to add 250ml water rather than make it full that might affect its functionality. With 16.4 feet long power cord, you can go long and work remotely.

The best part of this powerful handy steamer is that it constantly steam out for up to 8 minutes without any interval. Contrary to that, most of the steamers have to stop to make the same pressure after every few minutes. It is something irritating for those who needs to do other jobs as well.

In just 2 ½ minutes, it builds the steam with the temperature of 221 degree that is excessively strong to deeply steam clean and sanitize many things at your home including upholstery and garments.

There is a Cardan joint on the nozzle that strongly connect other attachment by rotating them 360 degrees. So no chance of leakage or spillage. At the bottom left side, a red indicator light shows the steam status, if it turn on, the device is being heating, when the light turns off, it means it is ready to steam.

For your safety, a red indication spot is available on the top of the safety cap. If the red spot goes down into the cap, you can open the safety cap, otherwise hot steam may hurt you. Before opening, first unplug the device.

It comes with 10 practical tools to deal with all kinds of messes. A bent nozzle works great to remove dark stains inside the toilet seat. While cone-shaped nozzle is good for car wheel cleaning and other tight spaces. The rest of the attachments are the most common and can be applied to their respective areas as per manual instructions.

  • Made of high quality material
  • 8 minutes continuous steaming
  • Safety feature
  • Large water tank
  • Chemical-free steam cleaning
  • 360 degrees Cardan joint

  • Needs powerful arms to hold it a long time
  • Heating up time is a bit long

9. BISSELL SpotClean: Best Pet Steam Cleaner

BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner, 2458If you are fond of pets but have had enough of their messes around you, don’t worry about it. Bissel spot cleaner is a great product for pet lovers. It is a powerful deep spot cleaner.

Its large 96 oz water tank and potable design, allow you to take on more messes, without taking break and refill it frequently.

Combining the suction power, scrubbing action and professional pet pro oxy urine eliminator to blast away stubborn pets stains, embedded dirt and much more.

The 3” inch tough stain tool make it possible to powerfully suck and scrub the toughest pet stains on the carpet, stairs, furniture, and auto interior. It also includes a stain trapper tool to bolt the grimiest pet messes.

This means it retain muddy water out of the machine and make it fresh for other purposes. An included oxy formula eliminates the stinky odor out of your rug, it smells nice and fresh.

This is not only useful for spot cleaning, but you can also use it for high traffic areas. Its long hose with 20 feet long power cord provides you with an extended reach. While several useful attachments make the way easy to get in hard to reach areas. With an upright stowage of hose means no chance of spillage or leakage in the storage section.

This machine doesn’t need any expert to operate, even a layman can get the advantages of this wonderful cleaner. Before plug-in, fill a tank with tap/distilled water, rearrange it, and push the start button.

  • Superior suction
  • Permanent spot cleaner
  • Portability
  • Large water reservoir
  • Long power cord and hose.
  • Bit heavier
  • While detaching the stain trapper tool, water squishes out of the hose

10. BISSELL 2685A: Best Steam Cleaning Machine for Cars

Best Steam Mop BISSELL 2685AKeeping in mind both the indoor and outdoor housekeeping requirements, the Bissell power steamer offers you enough control to perform heavy-duty cleaning jobs.

This 3-in-1 device can be used as a handheld or an extended steamer, or as a mop to swipe away the dirt and germs from the various sealed hard floors by using a microfiber pad.

By combining an extension wand and appropriate accessory with the steamer, you can handle low, high and hard-to-reach areas.

No matter which way you want to operate this machine, powerful steam with high temperature blast away all the dirt, grease, stains and germs from a wide range of surfaces.

With included 29 accessories you can cross the cleaning limitations of a standard steam cleaner that offers limited tools to perform specific cleaning tasks. Now you can successfully perform heavy-duty jobs in garage or workshop areas. You can also deal with auto-detailing, recreational vehicles, boats, etc.

An adjustable steam mode and on-demand trigger increase its versatility by allowing you to regulate the strength and volume of steam being released.

You can conveniently store the steamer along with all accessories by hanging it on wall. This device becomes handier by storing some useful tools at the bottom side.

  • 3-in-1 multipurpose steam cleaner
  • Variable steam modes
  • On-demand trigger
  • 29 accessories
  • On-board storage
  • Wall-mounted
  • Chemical-free steam cleaning
  • Greater reach with 25 feet long power cord and wand
  • Extension wand wobbles while working
  • Some tools are fragile

How to Choose a Best Steamer For Couch

Steam cleaners are a somewhat new entry into the market of housekeeping. Still, some people have no such idea about its working capability and functionality.

Steam cleaners are specially designed to kill germs and bacteria along with an effective and deep cleaning without using chemicals. With included accessories, it can be used on a wide range of surfaces and appliances. Whether you want day-to-day general cleaning or to remove stain spots, it will be beneficial in both cases.

Buying a steam cleaner for your furniture is a bit technical job. You need some basic information about this device. This will help you to get the best steam cleaner for furniture.

Types of Steam Cleaner

There are 4 main types of steam cleaners for furnishing.

Handheld Steamer

These are small and portable devices. The price range may vary but they are the most affordable. This type of steam cleaner is good to clean small spots and various equipment, but they are not mend to deal with large areas and heavy-duty work. They can also be used for garment steaming and are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. It comes with a small water tank and needs refilling after a short interval.

Steam Mop

They are designed for floor cleaning. They are light, easy to use, and upright in shape. Some steam mop has detachable steamers. They can be used on all kinds of floors, but they need special tools or attachments to clean the carpet. Normally, it contains small water storage and may need frequent refilling. The price range is relatively higher than hand-held steamers.

Cylinder steam Cleaner

It is also known as a canister steam cleaner. Due to the large water tank attach to its body, it becomes huge and heavier. They are designed to perform multipurpose heavy-duty cleaning jobs with the help of lots of included attachments. They are best known for their deep cleaning action. But they are not the cheaper ones. Price may range from 200$ to 1000$. When it comes to mobility, they are not the best ones.

Vapor Steam Cleaner

They are nearly the same as cylinder steam cleaners in terms of size, weight, and functions. The only difference that makes it more distinctive and worthy is the ability to produce “Dry” steam. Along with better cleaning, it quickly dries the surface and you don’t have to wait for long.

They are one of the most expensive machines among other steam cleaners. If you have no budget limit and wish to get desired results, then this would be the better option.

Decision-Making Factors

Following are the key factors that you should consider before buying any steam cleaner of your choice.


When buying any product, the first thing that has come to your mind is the price tag. This is one of the deciding factors when you choose an item. It totally depends on the user, whether he/she prefers quality or cost. The better options or features you avail of, the more costly it will be.

Pressure and Temperature

The cleaning performance of any steamer is dependent on two factors, i.e. pressure and temperature. A steam cleaner with powerful pressure and high heat temperature gives deep and effective cleaning. Another important thing related to these features is the consistency of powerful steam flow. If a machine is unable to maintain the required level of steam and temperature during steaming, then it will be less likely to give better results.

 Size and Weight

As you know steam cleaners come in different designs, dimensions, and weights. You have to make sure what exactly size and weight will suit your needs. If you have large areas or need a powerful multipurpose machine, then don’t think about size and weight. But if you need a device for a specific and light cleaning job, plus don’t have enough space for storage, then size and weight will matter.

Water Capacity

Normally, huge machines contain large reservoirs that last for long, whereas, small water tanks need frequent refilling. But keep in mind that large boilers need more time to heat up as compared to smaller tanks. It completely depends on your personal requirements whether you need a large water tank or you will prefer fast heat-up time.

Extra Features

Extra features are not something that you won’t want in your device. They make the cleaning performance to the next level. Ultimately, you will get more convenience and comfort to have such worthy features.

  1. Steam setting option:- Variable steam modes like low, medium, and high for specific needs.
  2. Continuous steam:- Maintain non-stop steam pressure and temperature for deep and effective cleaning.
  3. Detachable steamer:- Built-in steamer to increase the versatility of the machine.
  4. Safety option:- Safety option like automatic shut off to avoid any mishap or an accident.
  5. Water level indication:- Let you when to refill the tank.
  6. On-board storage:- To keep some useful tools handy.


The more tools and attachments you have, the better results you will get. Eventually, you will be able to deal with a wide range of cleaning jobs.

Quality and Durability

Last but not the least, the built-in quality defines the overall worth of any appliance. It will tell you how long will it last.

Bottom Line!

Well, there may more than one best steam cleaner for furniture and upholstery. Yes, it is true, because a best steam cleaner is not that is always the most expensive one, rather it depends on users’ needs and wants.

Some people may want a heavy-duty machine for their complete household items but there are some choosy customer who will prefer to buy just an upholstery steam cleaner for their specific cleaning requirement.

Ultimately, the best steamer is the one that gives you desired results. You can choose any one of the steaming machines from the above-mentioned list. We suggest you that before buying any device, make sure that you really know the particular cleaning requirements of your home and how much you are willing to pay.


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