How To Dry Wet Carpet Fast After Cleaning [2022]

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Drying carpet fast after cleaning is one of the major concerns after washing, because soaked carpet can cause respiratory issues. Tips on this page will help you dry your carpet quickly.

After washing the carpet, water penetrates into the carpet. If it is not dried on time, it will give birth to mold, the carpet will start releasing a bad odor, and water stains left on the carpet.

In this article, we will share different methods tried by our team on different types of carpeting to remove moisture from carpets. You can select one according to your choice.

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Pro Tip
To dry the carpet fast after cleaning, either place it underneath the ceiling fan or outdoor away from direct sunlight drying. Or use a carpet cleaner to dry your carpet instantly.

Benefits of Drying Carpets Fast

The fast-drying of carpets offers you a lot of benefits and makes your life easy. Some of the important benefits are listed in this article: 

  • Saves your time 
  • Makes your life easy 
  • Reduces bad smell 
  • Avoids mold production 
  • Enhances the durability of the carpet 
  • Removes the stains 

8 Simple Ways To Dry Carpet Quickly After Cleaning [2022]

Following are the methods to dry a wet carpet quickly! You can select one for drying according to your needs.

Airflow Method

The airflow method is one of the best methods for drying carpets. To dry your carpets, the first thing you have to do is to create airflow in your room.  If your carpet is present in a room with a window and you just have to open the windows and let the air pass through them.

This method is good for avoiding the bad smell of moisture due to a closed room. However, this method is suitable when the weather is cold, or a large amount of humidity is present in the air. 

Ceiling Fan Method

A ceiling fan method is also a good option for drying carpet quickly. This method works effectively if your carpet is placed underneath the fan. However, it doesn’t remove the moisture smell completely. You can use this method on rainy days. 

Professional Steam Cleaners

The steam cleaning method is one of the most advanced and quite famous nowadays for cleaning and drying carpets. Using one of the best steam cleaners for carpets can help you with instant cleaning and evaporation of water. If you are a person who lives with kids, pets, and high traffic carpeting, then must use heat treatment of steam cleaners to dry the carpet.

Carpet pet steam cleaner can easily eradicate pet urine and all kid’s messes. And with their drying faster technology dry your carpet within 2-3 hours.


Another impressive method for drying carpets is blow-drying. For quick carpet drying, blow dryers are also used. In this method fan or heater is used to dry the carpet. The hot air of the dryer evaporates the water quickly and dries your carpet. This method is mostly used by professionals and it has no drawbacks. 

Shop-Vac Drying Method

The shop-vac drying method is the most effective method for fast drying when your carpets are fully wet. In this method, the vacuum will create suction and absorb the water present in your carpet quickly.

This method can be a good option as it will dry your carpets in a small time and give your carpet a fresh look. Moreover, it doesn’t damage the surface of your carpet. 

Towel Drying

The towel-drying method is only suitable when only a small amount of water is left in your carpet. In this method, you just place a dry towel on the carpet surface and the towel will absorb the remaining water. When the towel gets wet change it with another dry towel and repeats the process until all the water will remove from the carpets. 


The dehumidifier is a device that is used to absorb the humidity present in the air. By using this method you can easily dry your carpet quickly. You just have to turn on the humidifier in your room where your carpet is present. It will absorb all the water present in your carpet and dry your carpet overnight. A good method for drying in winters.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning method can also be used for drying carpets. In this method, you just need to turn on the AC and it will dry out your carpets. On rainy days or in winters, AC drying is considered the best method. But it has a drawback that it doesn’t create a fresh environment for drying that can cause a musky smell sometimes in your room. 

Factors Affecting the Drying Time

Let’s check that the drying time of the carpets depends on which factors and how they affect the drying. 

Usually, the carpets stay wet for up to 6 to 12 hours, but sometimes they do not dry even after 24 hours. This slow drying is due to various factors that affect the drying process of carpets.

Carpet Size

The size of the carpet is an important factor that affects its drying process. Usually, the carpets are larger in size and take more time to dry.  However, if the size of the carpet is small it will dry in a small time. 


The fast-drying of carpets is also affected by the conditions of the weather. If the weather is cold and humid then the drying process becomes slow and the drying time of your carpet will increase. Meanwhile in summers when the weather is hot and humidity is low, the carpets will dry out quickly. 

Method of Drying

The drying methods also affect the drying process of the carpets. Some drying methods are slow due to environmental factors and some are fast. For example, if you dry your carpet in the open air it will take a longer time to dry, as compared to drying through a vacuum or a blow dryer. 

Material of the Carpet

Last but not least, the materials of the carpet also play an important role in its drying process. Carpets with porous material absorb more water and take more time to dry out completely as compared to carpets of other materials. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to steam clean a carpet professionally?

In professional steam cleaning the average time for a 12 by 12 carpet is 2 hours. The carpets of different sizes have different cleaning times depending on your size, and method of cleaning. 

How much does it cost to steam clean a carpet?

The cost of the steam cleaning of carpets ranges between 100$ to 500%. Some companies even charge according to the size and condition of your carpet. 

Can you walk on a wet carpet after cleaning?

No, you can’t walk on the carpet just after the washing. As the dirt particles again accumulate in the fibers of carpets that are present along with your feet or shoes. However, after 24 hours of washing carpet can be used.

What happens if you put furniture on a wet carpet?

If you put furniture on the wet carpet rusty stains will form on the carpet due to the rust of the furniture. The diet present along with the furniture will also accumulate in the carpet fibers. Moreover, heavy furniture can cause dents on the carpet fibers. 

Will heat help to dry wet carpets?

Yes! The heat will help in the drying of carpets. Turning on the heater in the room will warm the air of the room which then enhances the evaporation of water and quickly dry the carpets. 

Bottom Line!

After knowing all the methods of fast-drying of carpets and the different factors that can affect the drying of your carpets, all your questions about how to dry fast carpets are clear now. You can easily select the perfect method for fast drying your carpet depending on the environmental conditions. The fast-drying of carpets is also keeping you and your carpet safe and avoiding the mold production that can damage the surface of carpets and also cause various respiratory diseases. 

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