Can You Steam Clean a Microfiber Couch – 7 Easy Steps of 2022

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A microfiber couch is a superior choice in furniture due to its key attribute: stain resistance, durability, and easy cleaning.

It is easy to find a cleaning solution for a microfiber couch as most couches come with a cleaning code.

It’s perfect to use steam cleaners on sofas. You can remove hard stains and disinfect the mattress and couch with the best steam cleaners for couches.

People with pets and kids in their houses would not agree to the stain-resistant part. While microfiber is mostly stain-resistant, it clearly shows drool marks and spill stains. McCulloch MC1385 is the best steam cleaning machine for removing stains from the couch.

Can You Steam Clean a Microfiber Couch – Detailed Guide [2022]

Yes, a microfiber couch can be clean with a few easy steps. You can select a steam cleaner of your choice that you find works best for your couch. In this regard, choosing the best steam cleaner at an affordable price is a great option to go for.

You can clean the sofa in a few simple steps mentioned below. We tried all these overriding steps on our dirty and messy couch to provide you with an effective guide.

Remove the Items from the Couch

We all keep decorative pillows and cushions on our couches. Remove all the cushions, throws, and toys from the couch. There are always things that get stuck in the openings or side of the couch. Ensure that there are no materials present on the surface or side of the side.

Remove Dust

Start by attaching the vacuum hose to the cleaner and start removing the dust from the surface of the couch. If your couch has detachable base cushions, lift them and clean all the dust resting at the couch’s base.

Removing Stains from Couch

You have to see the cleaning code on your couch and use a stain remover according to it. If your couch has a water-soluble code on it, use a water-based or solvent cleaner to remove the stain. You have to keep the stain remover for at least 40 seconds to a minute.

You can take either a soft bristle brush or a microfiber cloth to remove the stains. The microfiber cloth or brush must be gentle and use the lightest pressure to scrub away the stains.

Mix Steam Cleaning Solution

To clean the couch in-depth, mix the steam cleaning solution with hot water. You must check the water to steam cleaning solution ratio on the cleaning solution box’s back.

Get the Steamer Ready

Pour the cleaning solution and water mixture into the steam cleaner tank. It is essential to remove the hose attachment and attach the brush head for soft cleaning. Please turn on the steam cleaner and wait for it to warm up. Do not forget to switch the mode to the upholstery mode for gentle yet thorough cleaning.

Dab-Off Excess Water

If your couch is wet, run the steam cleaner with a hose setting on the couch. You can also use a dry microfiber cloth to dab off the excess water. Keep the couch in a clean and dry place. It is best if you keep the couch under the fan to make it dry faster.

Revive the Fluff

We all love a fluffy couch, but cleaning can make the material of the couch a little stiff. However, you can quickly revive the fluff of the couch in a few simple steps. You can use a soft bristle brush and gently run it across the couch.

This technique can also be used for cleaning heavily soiled microfiber couches.

After using above mentioned simple techniques we got these awesome results on a microfiber couch.

Steam Clean Microfiber Couch Before and After

How to Keep Stains Away From a Microfiber Couch

A microfiber couch is an excellent choice if you want something easy to maintain and does not give you a hassle while cleaning. However, if you have a pet or a small kid, it will be impossible to avoid stains. Here are some ways you can use to keep stains away from the couch:

Fiber Protector Spray

Fiber protector spray is readily available in the local market. You can use a spray-on fiber protector to seal the couch fibers. The spray adds luster to the couch and protects the fibers from soaking in the stain deeply. You can specifically use fiber protector spray after cleaning the couch. Do not use this spray while the couch is wet or damp.

Use a Fine Tooth Comb

You may have noticed that some stain forms a layer when they dry. To remove these stains, you can use a fine-tooth comb and scratch the stain off. The fine-tooth comb also works well if you want to revive the fluff. You can gently brush the couch to make it softer and get rid of dust.

Clean Stains Instantly

If you notice a stain on the couch, use a water-based or solvent cleaner instantly. You can use a microfiber cloth and soak cleaner in it. Use the microfiber cloth and gently remove all the stains. Do not let the stains go deeper into the couch as it will be harder to remove them.

Bottom Line!

Couches add dimension to a living room and is a great furniture piece to relax. Some couches are hard to maintain, but a microfiber couch can save you from the despair of paying $100 for cleaning service. You can use the above-shared tips to maintain the shape, color, and luster of the couch for years. You have to be a little more careful if you have a light-colored couch and pets or kids around.


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