Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Review [Black Friday Deal 2023]

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All pet’s houses need to be cleaned up on time when the mess is created by your dog or cat. But it can get overwhelming when you have more than one pet in the house. The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro review offers a complete insight into the product. And with that, you may end up with an upgrade from their original cross-wave all-in-one. Designed explicitly with common household issues like Tracking Messes and Spray Marking in mind. This new product promises 360-degree cleaning power.

This is one of the best steam cleaners for pets to eradicate their hair, pee, and stubborn paw stains.

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Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Multi-Surface Steamer

Multifunctional Cleaning

This Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro review is a multifunctional cleaning tool that you can use to vacuum and mop. With this, you can instantly clean your hardwood floor at once. It has been designed with pet owners in mind, and they have constantly been complaining about their appliances getting bogged down by hair from their dogs or cats. This is the best steam cleaner for area rugs, you will have the opportunity to remove dirt and stains from the area rugs.


The new design hopefully allows the user to experience these problems because of its bristles. And these bristles are made out of polyurethane instead of nylon which does not tangle easily due to washing ability. In addition, pets are great, but they can be a royal pain to keep your house clean.

Bissell has come out with their new pet line of cleaning tools that are not just for people. The tool is meant as a multipurpose cleaner and sanitizer on light soils or pet stains. You don’t need any more than one product in your arsenal to tackle those messes from head to toe.


The Crosswave can pick up pet hair, larger debris, and dirt from your floors with just one pass. The interior design of this high-tech machine is genius. And with that, you can move across the floor in a continuous motion or scrubbing method. This is a cleaner who does all the work for you even if you have a fungal infection.

Moreover, water molecules are sucked into its filter to eliminate puddles when it’s empty so that they don’t form clogs. A mopping robot is a clean machine, and you can pre-program it to go over certain areas. You could trigger its cleaning abilities by pressing one button on the handle and activating whichever brush head suits your needs for that particular dirty spot.


There are three different ones available. The mop has wheels, so users don’t need too much space between them when mopping. Thus making sure the water does not go near electronics. It will damage equipment easily due to static build-up. This automatic floor sweeper does quick work of dirties while leaving behind sparkling floors. Thanks to its parts except five inches below, actual bristles reach high enough off the ground surface, allowing the full operator view.


The good thing about this vacuum is how easy to use and convenient it is. It can be used either by hanging up or standing upright, making for quick cleanups in between uses. One thing you may want to consider is the attachments.

Cleaning Power

The Pet Pro Vacuum has enough power to pick up dirt and wash the surface simultaneously. It can be assessed based on its cleaning actions and abilities. Moreover, this cleaner also acts as a carpet cleaner. In addition, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind this cleaner does not offer similar performance when it is compared with other vacuums.

Suction Power

The suction capability of these cleaners is 100-150 W. It is found that even heavier or hard-to-equipped debris could easily get sucked into your vacuum. These cleaners are designed for efficiency rather than thoroughness. However, you should know there won’t be any better quality unless you consider other models.

Input Power

The CrossWave Pet Pro is a powerful, high-quality vacuum cleaner that offers excellent suction and rotating brush roll for your pets. This appliance’s motor draws four amps with its efficient design to power both functions efficiently. It consumes 600 W during normal cleaning tasks. And with this functional power capability, expect more when it comes to picking the overloading devices.


  • Dimensions: 12 X 10.5 X 46 inches
  • Color: Sparkle silver and grapevine purple
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Cord length: 25
  • Cleaning path width: 12 “
  • Cord storage: wrap up
  • Floor compatibility: Hard floors (sealed hardwood and laminate, linoleum, tile) and area rugs.
  • Filter: Thick pleated
  • Tank capacity: 28 oz clean water tank and 14.5 oz dirty water tank
  • Suction power: 100-150 AW
  • Brush roll spin speed: 3000 rpm
  • Controls: On-handle buttons with LED.
  • Accessories: Cleaning tray, storage tray, two-ounce cleaning formulas (multi-surface pet with Febreze)
  • Noise level: 62- 68 dB


  • Easy to use
  • Best for deep cleaning tasks
  • Suitable for light cleaning jobs
  • Longer running time
  • It has a thick pleated filter


  • A bit noisy
  • Slightly heavy

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Can I use the Bissell Crosswave on hardwood floors?

You can use the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro on your floor daily as long as it’s sealed. A green light will come on, and everything should be working well.

Does dry debris get picked up by the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro?

Yes, it does. Its water and solution tank are kept separate from any dry debris the floor cleaner picks up for perfect results.

Does the Bissell CrossWave Multi-Surface pet brush roll work on area rugs?

A rug cleaner that can clean your beautiful carpets. This one has excellent cleaning power and gets rid of all those dirt stains on rugs in just one session.

Bottom Line!

If you are serious about cleaning. With this Bissell new Crosswave Pet Pro review, you can finally stop vacuuming and sweeping separately. This upright hybrid vacuum will do both tasks in one go with its ingenious design that cleans by mops all floor types simultaneously. No more buckets or mopping tools are needed. When it comes to an elegant compact size, making it is perfect for tiny homes.


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