Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Review [Black Friday Deal 2023]

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It is essential to keep your home clean not only for your physical health but also for your mental well-being. Dirt and stains on the floor and carpeting involving grease and dog urine are extremely hard to get off and it takes hours of scrubbing to remove one. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaners made our job easier and faster. In this review, we will take a closer look at this powerful cleaning tool that promises to simplify your cleaning routine and leave your home sparkling.

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Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Reviews

Imagine coming home from a tiring day at work and finding a lot of mess around in the house. Well, if you have the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner, your work will be done in no time. You do not even have to carry multiple products at the same time. This powerful machine is all you need for hygienic cleaning! Just consult the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner manual for efficient cleaning.

I researched and reviewed the product thoroughly so you do not have to wander far and wide. Let’s get started with Dupray’s Neat Steam Cleaner Review!

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How to Use Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Design and Build Quality

Lightweight And Portable Steam Cleaner

When talking about the design of a steam cleaner, what pops into your mind is a big, bulky cleaner in dull colors. The Dupray neat steam cleaner is nowhere near that. It has a beautiful and simple design. The cube shape enables you to place the cleaner anywhere you want without odd angles facing everywhere.

It even consists of a retractable handle so you can easily carry it around. For those who do not want to lift the machine, it has a pair of wheels attached to the bottom. Both these characteristics contribute to the portability of this product.

The body is made of durable plastic that is easy to clean with a wet wipe. It also consists of an integrated funnel. Lastly, the 5m cord will wrap around the bottom, saving up space and hassle.

This product is quite lightweight hence, can be carried around. It weighs only 9 pounds when it’s empty. The weight after filling it up depends on how much water you add to it. With its beauty and conventional design, no one could resist buying this model.

The Power of Steam

Kills 99.9% Of Germs And VirusesConsidering how compact the machine is, one cannot possibly expect it to have much capacity. It holds 1600ml of water with steam reaching temperatures of up to 275°F (135°C), it effectively sanitizes and cleans a variety of surfaces, from floors and carpets to kitchen appliances and upholstery.

The heated water can be used for 50 minutes continuously. This low moisture super-heated system applies a pressure of 50 psi to convert water into steam. Its large capacity tank indeed attracts a lot of customers as it is rare to find such a compact and decent product with so much capacity.


Dupray Neat Professional Accessories And AttachmentsCleaning cannot be done with one brush or tool alone. Different areas require different kinds of tools. You cannot clean a bathroom tile and a microfiber couch with the same brush. To help you, all cleaners come along with different accessories.

Now, most cleaners come along with 2-3 accessories. If we talk about the maximum number, well, around 6? But Dupray’s neat steam cleaner comes along with 9-10 different kinds of accessories. Which makes it good for grout and tiles as they are harder to clean.

The accessories include:

  • A rectangular floor tool
  • Three microfiber pads
  • Two extension tubes
  • A wood tool
  • A single lance
  • 1 microfiber triangular tool bonnet,
  • A triangular tool for cleaning tight corners
  • It also gives you a microfiber cloth to clean after steaming
  • Five nylon brushes so you always have a replacement if one goes bad
  • And also a complimentary add fresh fragrance disc.

The surprising fact is that these accessories work on all Dupray cleaners. To conclude, it provides all the tools one needs to complete their cleaning kit. One more step ahead to becoming the best cleaner!

Best Dupray Steamer

Steam Cleaner For Cars, Ovens And ToiletsThe Dupray home steam cleaner is perhaps the best steam cleaner for bed bugs. Not only windows, but it is also the best one for all kinds of surfaces. The steam easily gets off all greasy stains and dirt.

The only thing you need to do is read the manual, check which accessory fits the purpose, and get the machine started. Starting the machine isn’t a big deal, unlike most machines with millions of buttons and confusing toggles, this steamer is quite easy. It has just one power button you need to press to get it started.

One thing you need to take care of is to wipe the steam off the surfaces with paper towels or wipes, whichever is suitable for the surface after use. Not doing so might leave steam stains and even though the dirt would be wiped off, there would be new kinds of colors. Which kind of defeats the whole purpose, right?

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Compact, Lightweight And Portable Steam CleanerThe compact little shape is no doubt one of its best features. It’s time to talk about some details. The dimensions are a pretty important piece of information that you need to know when you buy something. It will help you figure out the capacity and where to store the machine. The body’s dimensions are 10.5″ x 10.5″ x 9.5″ which is pretty small and decent.


  • Large capacity

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight and compact design

  • No place to rest the hose of the cleaner

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Is Steam Cleaning Effective

Yes, but only when used correctly. It kills around 99.99% of bacteria and germs. It is a safe, healthy, and eco-friendly solution to cleaning your house or workplace. It does not require much effort and can be done by almost anyone.

Is Dupray a Good Steamer

Yes! Dupray is a trusted brand that is known for its high-quality products. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is a good steamer for your daily home needs. The steam pressure of Dupray steamers effectively cleans and sanitizes surfaces. Higher pressure and temperature can be beneficial for tougher cleaning tasks.

Can You Put Cleaner in Dupray Steam Cleaner

Adding detergents or cleaning solutions in Dupray steam Cleaner is not recommended. Dupray steam cleaners are primarily designed to clean and sanitize surfaces with the power of steam. Adding cleaning solutions or detergents to the water tank can damage the steam cleaner and may void the warranty.

Where Are the Dupray Steam Cleaners Made

All the Dupray steam accessories and products are manufactured in Italy by a renowned brand, Technovap. These accessories are believed to be of the best quality because of the quality of the material they’re made of.

Can You Steam Clean Hardwood Floors?

When the right technique is used, it is pretty easy to clean hardwood floors through steam. It not only cleans the dirt on them but also sanitizes them thoroughly.

Bottom Line!

the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is a game-changer when it comes to household cleaning. Its sleek design, ease of use, and eco-friendly cleaning capabilities make it a standout choice for homeowners looking to simplify their cleaning routine. With its versatility and ability to tackle a wide range of surfaces, this steam cleaner is an investment that pays off in the form of a cleaner and healthier home. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional cleaning methods and welcome the Dupray Neat into your life for a sparkling, chemical-free clean!


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