Wagner Spraytech 915 Steam Cleaner [Black Friday Deal 2023]

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Wagner Spraytech 915 on-demand steam cleaner with wallpaper removal is the best choice for those people who want an all-rounder machine. This beast has 120 volts of power and a built-in pressurized system that produces powerful high-temperature steam without chemicals. Just pour distilled water and get professional cleanings like other expensive and top-rated steam cleaners.

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Wagner 915 Power Steamer Review

Below you will find the in-depth review of the Wagner Spraytech 915 steam cleaner. This review includes the specs and features of one of the best steam cleaners for cars.

Two Modes of Distinctive Steam Function

Wagner Spraytech Best Steam Cleaner for Wallpaper RemovalIt can produce both continuous and intermittent steam, which is called two modes of steaming. You just have to push the trigger, and it releases the powerful steam accordingly.

There are two lights on the top of the machine that tell us about the two different stages of the steam process. The green light shows that the unit is ready to start steaming, while the red light indicates that the device is not ready to produce the steam but it is making the steam. Additionally, the red light comes on when the water temperature comes down to 135F. This intelligent system makes it clear when to use the steamer and when to stop.

Powerful and Chemical Free Steam

The 120 volts of control produces high-temperature steam that gives the professional-grade cleaning of tiles and grout. It is powerful enough to clean any surface and even make it possible to remove wallpaper as well. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about damages or any other problems, because it doesn’t use any chemicals. Artificial elements have their own side effects that may not only damage the surface but may also cause severe infection to human health. So, this is an environment-friendly steam cleaner.

Faster Cleaning

This machine gives you faster cleaning action than most of the other steam cleaners available in the market. It saves your time and gets your home ready to welcome the guests.

Great Water Capacity

It comes with a large capacity of 48oz water tank that is enough for long time cleaning. No need to waste your time refilling while working all the way. It gives 45 minutes of cleaning time.

Fast Heating Time

Its fast heating system gets the machine ready in just 10 minutes. It is quite considerable for a device that comes under the medium price range.

Light Weight and Compact

For any working portable device, it does matter how much it is easy and comfortable it to hold and carry the machine. The big wheels give great mobility and are easy to maneuver.

18 Versatile Attachments

With other great functions, it comes with a large number of utility tools and attachments for the cleaning of countless surfaces. Whether it is a living room or kitchen, or it may be outdoor cleaning work, Wagner 915 on-demand steam cleaner always satisfies their customers with the help of its utility kit. It does work well both on large surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. The 8 Feet long hose can easily reach tall areas, so every corner of your house and office looks fantastic.

Built-in Storage Compartment

There is on-board storage for the nozzles that gives great ease of access to handy tools

What’s in the Box?

Wagner Power Steamer includes a lot of useful accessories that you can use for a variety of cleaning purposes. Here is a list of attachments included inside the box:

  • Large Cleaning Brush
  • Microfiber Mop Pad
  • Wallpaper Steam Plate
  • Fabric Steamer
  • Window and Tile Squeegee
  • Microfiber Bonnet for Fabric Steamer
  • Jet Nozzle
  • Straight Adapter
  • Four Nylon Utility Brushes
  • Two Brass Utility Brushes
  • Fill Funnel
  • Angled Adapter
  • Two Extension Poles

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Why You Should Buy Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner?

This multipurpose and multifunction device has numerous advantages if followed with the proper method and technique.

First of all, it is easy to assemble and dismantle. Simple to refill the tank with an included funnel. The large tank capacity provides a long time of cleaning and makes the device prepared in 10 minutes. The lightweight and aerodynamic design makes it easy to move around anywhere without being exhausted.

It cleans and disinfects all kinds of floors and surfaces without any chemicals, i.e. good for pet lovers and suitable for allergens. Its smart steam heating system lets you know when to start cleaning by indicating LED green and red lights.

Advanced technology and large numbers of accessories keep this device at the next level of household cleaning items. With all such great features, it is available at a comparatively low price tag.

Drawbacks of Wagner Spraytech

One of the most visible drawbacks is that it doesn’t have any water level indication. People are always confused and looking for water quantity in the tank. The power cord is also shorter as compared to other professional devices.

Some users claimed that the machine is not so powerful to clean grease from the grill and remove stains from the carpet. They have to use chemicals for this purpose. The size of the machine is not too compact, and many people think that it is a large machine and they have to pull all the way.

Another issue is the heating timing which takes more than the described timings. One technical issue is related to the nozzle and heating system, i.e. the first time squeezing, it’s hot boiling water people may get injured. It is advisable to take precautionary measures before using any product.

Bottom Line!

With so many advantages and low prices, this unit is one of the most favorite steam cleaners among lower to middle-class people, who are always conscious about the price. There are some flaws as well because not a single product comes with all the benefit but also have some negative point as well.

Wagner 915 is the jack of all trades and master of none. Overall, it has an above-average performance with good built-in quality and if handled with care, it works for a long time. Finally, this steam cleaner is highly recommended for those who want a decent machine at a reasonable cost.


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