McCulloch MC1385 Steam Cleaner [Black Friday Deal 2023]

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McCulloch offers its new updated design MC1385 with some additional features and benefits. It comes with some great functions and the power of a super steam force that blasts the toughest stains and dirt from all kinds of surfaces. Using distilled water (without any chemicals), properly disinfect the surfaces. This best multi-purpose steam cleaner model comes with 23 versatile accessories that provide an extra edge for cleaning purposes.

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McCulloch MC1385 Steamer for Home & Autos

Let’s deep dive into the details of McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe steam cleaner and check what this device offers to the user.

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McCulloch MC 1385 is designed for heavy-duty work and includes a large number of accessories. It is a multi-purpose full-fledge steam cleaner that comes with multifunction. It can clean various types of floor surfaces, kitchen appliances, mirrors, cars, shelves, and much more.

First of all, let’s have a look at its design and build. It is a large machine with big wheels that roll smoothly on any surface. Its body is made of durable plastic that lasts for many years. It has an upright body shape with an extension rod through which all other accessories can be attached.

Features and Performance

MC 1385 is the more advanced and upgraded version of McCulloch 1375 steam cleaner. The major difference between the two models is, that the new one offers a few extra features with vertical body position. This 1500W power beast has the capability to handle all household cleaning tasks. It has an on-demand variable steam function that can be used according to demand. There is a function of the steam lock for continuous steam when needed.

Water Tank

Once you turn on the machine, the heating component gets the super-hot steam (200F) in 12 minutes. The tank size is huge and can store 64 oz of water, which gives a maximum of 120 minutes of steam. Furthermore, it has a pressure gauge on top of the body, that displays steam pressure.

Extra-Long Cord

McCulloch MC 1385 gives an extra-long reach with its 10 feet long insulated hose, along with an extended rod. Additionally, the length of the power cord is 18 feet which provides you overall an extensive range to cover a large area.

Natural Cleaning Process

The built-in chemical-free steam system eliminates stains, mold, grime, and the toughest grease from different types of surfaces, including tiles, marble, carpet, wooden floors, laminate, grills, cars, lawn equipment, and much more. It uses ordinary water in the tank, and its 4-bar pressure produces 212F of steam, which is efficient enough to clean and sanitize a wide range of surfaces. The high-temperature steam kills all germs and bacteria.

Accessories and Attachments

The 23 versatile cleaning accessories include nylon brushes, jet, and angle nozzles, scrubbing pads, microfiber pads, and other useful parts. Every instrument has its own function. The attachable utility brushes are used to clean the kitchen appliances while the squeegee attachment is suitable for windows and mirrors. Above all, the floor mop is perfect for all kinds of floor cleaning.

An integrated handle like a trolley case gives great portability; it makes it easy to lift up and roll the machine.

There is a mechanism called cord wrap that easily winds 18 feet long power cord with itself.

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What’s in the Box

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner and 23 Versatile attachments. Below is the complete list of attachments you will get for free with this best steam cleaner for carpet cleaning.

  • 16.5” Extension wands (2)
  • Microfiber Mop Pad
  • Scrubbing Mop Pad
  • 5.5” Jet Nozzle
  • Triangle Brush
  • Large Brush
  • 1.5” Nylon Utility Brush (2)
  • 1.5” Brass Utility Brush
  • Angled Nozzle
  • 3” Scrapper
  • 9” Squeegee
  • 13” * 8.5” Large Mop Head
  • Bristle Brush Attachment
  • Storage Bag
  • Fill Cup
  • Accessory Net
  • 2.5” Round Brush (2)
  • 2.5” Round Scrub Pad (2)

  • Wide range of useful Accessories kit that gives superior support
  • Large tank capacity gives cleaning of 120 minutes
  • Complete deep cleaning package
  • Greater reach due to long power cord
  • High steam temperature for sanitizing all surfaces
  • Variable Steam system
  • Costly as compared to other steam cleaners
  • The handle gets a little hot when used for a long time
  • No water level indication

Bottom Line!

The final verdicts about McCulloch MC 1385 are quite positive and strong. This is an excellent steam cleaner, equipped with worthwhile accessories. It is capable of doing an array of cleaning tasks in an efficient way. Whether it is indoor cleaning or outdoor work, it never disappoints you. Its chemical-free steam cleaning gives a safe and healthy environment by protecting you and your pets from all kinds of germs and viruses.

Its ultra-superior cleaning makes you fall in love with this machine and place this device in high ranking. Though it is an expensive product with few ignorable drawbacks, but its high-class performance justifies its worth.  So, it is one of the most recommended power steamers.


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