10 Best Steam Cleaners for Clothes [Reviews 2023]

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Are you exhausted practicing the same obsolete way of ironing? No need to worry about it! Just switch yourself to the best steam cleaners for clothes and you will get more relief and peace of mind.

Ironing the garments is a time-consuming and tiresome task to perform. Steaming clothes is less complex and messy rather than ironing. If you’re getting late for an important meeting or special occasion, steam cleaners help to get you long-lasting and incredible results on clothes within a couple of minutes. For the fashion world, garment steamers are game-changers, quick and handy devices to eliminate odors, and freshen up within a short time.

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Top 10 Best Travel Steamers for Clothes in 2023

Our Top Choice

Hilife Steamer for Clothes

Hilife Garment Steamer


  • Multipurpose steamer
  • 15 mins continuous steam
  • Easy to use & carry
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iSteam Steamer for Clothes [Luxury Edition]

 iSteam MS208


  • Powerful dry steam
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Perfect travel friend
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Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Lemontec Steamer


  • Lightweight & user-friendly
  • Electric leakage protection
  • Heat ups in 1 minute
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bizond portable, handheld steamer for garment, 2458Bizond Steamer


  • No water spitting
  • Heat up in 25 sec
  • Compact and handy
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BEAUTURAL Steamer for ClothesBeautural Steamer


  • Big detachable tank
  • Safe for all fabrics
  • 3 removable attachments
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PurSteam Garment Steamer for ClothesPurSteam Steamer


  • Perfect for home & travel
  • Gentle on fabrics
  • No tipping & spillage
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Conair - GS23N Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer

Conair  Steamer


  • Dual heat technology
  • 2 distinct steam settings
  • 1110 watts power
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MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer for Clothes

MagicPro Steamer


  • Fast heat & auto shut off
  • 300 ml tank capacity
  • Leak-proof technology
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Pure Enrichment® PureSteam™ Pro Upright Clothes Steamer

Pure Enrichment


  • Quick pedal power steaming
  • 2 liter of tank capacity
  • Hanger & brush attachments
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Rowenta - Steam Generating Iron Rowenta IS6300

Rowenta IS6300


  • Built-in hanger
  • 81 ounces transparent tank
  • Adjustable screen
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1. Hilife: Best Handheld Garment Steamer

Hilife Handheld Garment SteamerHilife handheld garment steamer for cleaning leads you to an exciting way of living, without any stressful and painful way of ironing. It comes with a measuring cup to pour water into the tank of 240ml. Powers-up in a minute and provides 15 minutes of continuous steam.

The power cable is long enough to maneuver (9.2 ft) and easy to wind up around itself. Moreover, holds a 110-120V voltage capacity along with 700W of electric power. It occupies little space in bags and is easily manageable because of its lightweight and compact body.

This multi-purpose steam cleaner fulfills needs perfectly and helps to sterilize clothes, burst out stubborn wrinkles, kill dust mites, and deforest the freezer.

The combination of steam with a brush attachment helps to take off dirt particles, and straighten the threads in the fabric. The best part is, this tool act as a barrier, so you don’t get the steamer too close to the fabric. This will keep your clothes in nice condition.

The adverse part is, the steamer must be used in an upright position to avoid spilling water.

Please don’t touch the nozzle area immediately after using it because it gets pretty hot. Make sure not to burn yourself. Inside the box, the user manual holds lots of useful information; you should read it at least once for safety precautions.

  • Best travel tool
  • Lightweight and user-friendly
  • Heat up in a minute
  • 15mins of constant steaming
  • Two different heads (brush and flat)
  • Don’t touch it instantly after use
  • Takes time to achieve the desired results.  

2. iSteam MS208: Best Multi-Task Steamer

iSteam MS208The team is the best handheld steamer that makes steaming clothes easy and a quick process everywhere, without using an iron board that occupies more space and effort.

Smart and lightweight designs are convenient for all age groups, especially for aged people who might suffer from ankle and back pain. This handy unit provides ease and relief from agony.

You will surely fall in love with this steamer. As it is a perfect choice for pressing clothes, curtains, table runners, and bedding, and also removes harmful viruses from fabric.

The 1.55-pound device heats up in a couple of seconds, and its 120ml of tank capacity provides constant steam for about 10 minutes. It can also be used as a humidifier to maintain moisture in a room.

This multitasking machine works in all possible directions vertically and horizontally. Protect from spurting fumes on fabric, and smash all minor and sturdy stains that are usually left behind by other steamers. Apart from this you can eradicate stubborn stains and spots from pet carpets, rugs, and your love upholsteries. 

All is possible because of the collaboration of a non-polymer filter (whose job is to clean the water and control calcification) and 360-degree technology.

Besides, it automatically shuts off when it gets boiling or runs out of water. This function makes this device superior to previous ones. Make sure to unplug it when you are done. Compact, user-friendly, and easy to carry around. 

Ideal gift for travelers to make their trips commemorating! Just hang your shirt anywhere, plug it in, and get started. Don’t forget to take a voltage converter and adapter with you for 220v.

  • Small and convenient for traveling
  • Excellent customer service
  • 100% safe for all kinds of fabric
  • Also beneficial for facial steaming
  • Steams only one shirt per filling.  

3. Lemontec: Best Portable Steamer for Clothes

Lemontec Portable Travel Garment SteamerLemonTec is a professional clothes steamer, that bursts away all hardheaded wrinkles in a minute or less. Small and compact structure easy to move wherever you want to. It doesn’t matter what your suitcase size is. This machine must be a primary tool for road warriors.

This upgraded model has a new nozzle design that emits steam more effectively than the prior edition.

It holds a 180ml water capacity that heats up in a minute and emits steam regular for up to 8 minutes. All you have to do is switch it in, pour water below the max level, and firmly shut the nozzle to avoid spurting out of hot water.

It works amazingly and is safe for every sort of fabric, whether it’s embroidery, cotton, satin, different types of sequins, etc. This steamer is best for light material fabric. However, for heavy fabric ironing is the best option.

Best of all, this steamer is a unique design available with a leak-proof electric system.

TIP: Make certain when the steamer is not in use put the power button off for safety purposes. This will help to increase the working life of the steamer. 

  • Perfect travel tool
  • Super-fast heat-up in 70seconds
  • Free of BPA chemical
  • ETL listed mark
  • Protection from electric leakage
  • 180ml capacity is a bit small 

4. BIZOND: Best Travel Steamer

Best Travel and Home purpose Steam Cleaner for fabricAre you exhausted from ironing clothes with much effort and time? Bizond is one of the best home clothes steam cleaners available in the market to generate furrow-free results.

This steamer is easy to use with its 900W of power that heats up in less than 30sec, and steam lasts for 10 mins, besides this, a unique and safe 100ml detachable water chamber design with a stopper on top to prevent water leakage.

It’s recommended to use distilled water rather than tap water (leaves deposits).

A Bizond steamer is a remarkable unit that holds an electronic pump to emit powerful and dry steam. In addition, it allows heat to go deep inside the fabric to deliver an outstanding appearance. The long cord is 9.8 feet long making it easy to steam from a distance. Whether it’s your dress, bedding, or curtains, it works smoothly in the y-axis and x-axis directions.

This lightweight steam cleaner is convenient and suitable for all kinds of fabric. Not only gives your clothes a new and appealing look but also smells fresh.

Automatically shuts off if it’s not in use for 5mins. You will surely fall in love with this mini travel steamer as it is best in safety. 

  • 100% safe and secure to use, protects from burns
  • Takes 20-25 sec to ready steam
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Designed to prevent spilling
  • Nano filter protects from calcification
  • No cons

5. Beautural: Best Electric Steamer for Clothes

Beautural Steamer for ClothesAnother great option to get a wrinkles-free dress is BEAUTURAL steamer for garments. It’s a compact life hack, that makes life much easier, and takes your stress level down by reducing the exertion of power and time. Smooths wrinkle easily and quickly.

Holds a large 260ml water tank along with a jug to pour water because of the small and tiny nozzle of the tank and is covered with a silicon safety plug to avoid water leakage.

The steamer emits 1200 watts of powerful steam and heats up in just 30sec with 15 minutes of constant steaming. Moreover, a 360degree swivel power cord is useful in all possible directions without spilling water.

Just plug it in, push the power button on and it starts flashing green light until it gets ready to steam. Apart from this, the lock on the switch button is one of the most appealing features, no need to hold the switch while steaming the whole shirt.

It is suitable for a wide range of fabrics; cotton, nylon, plush, silk, and other pieces of stuff that you feel nervous about ironing at home. Furthermore, defuse odor and bacteria from curtains, couches, toys, handbags, table runners, and many more.

The steamer has 3 different fabric care attachments.

  1. Fabric brush: used to pull out dust easily and clean all filthy areas deeply.
  2. Lint brush: Effectively remove lint from garments and pillows.
  3. Crease attachment: best to get perfect folds on pants and shirts.

TIP: Avoid changing attachments during steaming to avoid burn.

  • Instantly steam in less than in 35sec
  • Emits powerful 25G of steam in one minute
  • Effectively kills bacteria.
  • Lock-on trigger
  • Quick customer service
  • It takes effort to put attachments on and off

6. PurSteam: 7-1: Best Fabric Steamer

PurSteam Powerful 7-1 Fabric SteamerThis powerful cloth steamer assists in presenting oneself impressively by eliminating hard furrows from clothes in a couple of minutes and makes you feel overwhelmed with joy and relaxation.

For busy mothers, it works like a charm to get wrinkle-free clothes. This powerful steam cleaner sanitizes car seats, garments, cough, toys, table runners, curtains, and kitchen counters.

This steamer heats up within a minute. You don’t have to wait long at all! There is no button to press to let the heat come out. All you have to do is plug in, turn it on, and when it’s hot steam begins to release constantly. Intensely gives 7 min of steaming, with support of 9ft long wire and 180ml of water capacity.

Pursteam steam cleaner is space-saving and a great device that modifies your life to look and feel good.

One of the most significant features of this handy steamer is the “Aluminum Heating Ball” of 900W (ABS/PP). You will be captivated by this extremely fast wrinkle remover machine accompanied by high-quality components, comfort, and a grip handle.

Inside the box, there is a compact travel bag to look astounding while traveling. It is highly recommended for home use or on the go!

  • Best for sanitizing
  • Heat up in 60-70 sec
  • Aluminum heating ball (ABS/PP)
  • Satisfaction assurance
  • Big for travel purpose
  • No steam control  

7. Conair: Best Dual Heat Handheld Steamer

Conair Dual Heat Handheld SteamerIf you are in a hurry to leave for the office, job interview, or to meet loved ones. Conair’s extreme steam handheld fabric steamer assists you to get hard furrow lines out of the clothes in just a minute!

Genuinely handle clothes with gentle care if you know how to process a cloth steamer.

The power of 1110W makes this device heat up in less than 70sec and keep on steaming for about 15 mins. Apart from this, it is 30% hotter than conventional garment steamers with an ability to eliminate wrinkles five times faster than competitors and this steam cleaner can kill 99.9% of bed bugs, viruses, and dust mites as well.

The steam lock function is one of its most appealing features that provide constant steaming without holding the trigger button to steam. You just have to drag the steamer up and down, and jobs are done!

It comes with two different heat settings; the required temperature can be selected easily.

  • High turbo steam: for heavy fabric like cotton, wool, etc.
  • Low-level steam: for delicate stuff like silk, nylon, satin, embroidery, or lace fabric.

In addition to this, three distinct attachments are considerable.

  • Fabric brush: Remove debris for better steaming your outfit.
  • Creaser: helps you to get folds on shirts and pants.
  • Soft cushion:  handle fine fabric with gently and care.

The best part is, you can select the color of your own choice as this extreme steamer is available in two handsome colors “white and blue”.

  • Support dual heat function
  • 30% hotter and 5 times faster in releasing wrinkles
  • Effectively kills 99% of germs
  • Effectively eliminates dust
  • Steam Lock function
  • Less effective to get perfect folds
  • Havier from other steamers

8. MagicPro: Best High-Quality Clothes Steamers

MagicPro Portable Garment SteamerMagicPro portable garment steamer is a new, distinctive, and multifaceted design. It helps to get annoying wrinkle lines out of the fabric without any excessive energy and time. You can get your dress ready instantly before leaving home.

Easy-grip handheld steamer helps amazingly to sanitize clothes, curtains, table runners, blinds, and many more. A huge 300ml water tank heats up in just 25 seconds and keeps on working continuously for about 15 minutes.

Out of harm’s way, it automatically ceased operating the system whenever the water level is low or the steamer is too hot. This awesome feature makes you feel safer even If you have kids or pets at home. Apart from this, it requires a small space to store.

LEAK PROOF technology blocks spilling out of the water from the tank and facilitate you to iron clothes while hanging downward or forward.

Not owned it yet?

It’s highly recommended if you are working in a professional environment. This reliable investment provides fantastic customer service with a 30-day refund.

  • Economical
  • Tank capacity of 300ml
  • Best for delicate to heavy fabric
  • ETL listed mark
  • Difficult to lift or move

9. Pure Enrichment: Best Professional Steam Cleaner

Pure Enrichment PureSteam ProTired of ironing a bundle of clothes week by week? And more of your wardrobe is wrinkled? Pure Enrichment pure steam upright clothes steamer is the best investment. 100% safe with steam temperature control. Strong crease busting system in the minimal period with high-pressure steam of 1500 watts.

Upright clothes steamer has a professional look and modern design, perfect for quick touch-ups. Gets ready to steam in just 50 seconds. Small in size to keep in our walk-in closet and save you time at the eleventh hour.

You can easily switch ON and OFF by pressing the pedal power. There is no need to hold the power button while steaming. Click on your foot, and steam starts to begin. It has a unique transparent tank, preserving up to 1 and a half gallons of water with 1 hour of perfect steaming. Moreover, it supports a power cord length of 6.5 ft.

TIP: It’s recommended to switch off for a minute or two while steaming for a long time. It helps to avoid overheating. Moreover, it also put a valuable effect on working life.

The beauty of this machine is its automatic temperature control system. As well as 4 different steam levels, you can select the desired one according to your requirement. But the last two levels of steam deliver what you need for de-wrinkle fabric. Besides, it comes with useful accessories like a fabric brush and adjustable hanger width to provide ease while steaming.

  • Convenient foot pedal to switch ON and OFF
  • Adjustable flip garment hanger
  • Huge water capacity of 2-liter
  • Auto temp controller
  • Stubborn wrinkles take longer to steam
  • Hanger clips are weak and shaky to hold the fabric

10. Rowenta IS6520: Best Shirt Steam Cleaner

Rowenta IS6520 Master 360 Full Size Garment and Fabric SteamerRowenta IS6520 is a professional garment steamer that has startling features to attire good wear, free of wrinkles, freshens up, and can disinfect the whole dress in a little while. An exclusive feature of roll and press (adjustable vertical screen) is very helpful for pressing collars, cuffs, and hems. It makes the steaming process more convenient and efficient.

The tube of interposing material prevents heat loss or sound intrusion.

This has changed the meaning of typical steaming by providing ease of freeing one hand while steaming. A large adjustable flip hanger with a garment holder is an integral part of a structure that provides easy and frustration-free ironing.

Besides this, appropriate for all types of fabric, purifying, and removing unpleasant smells, and is 100% safe from the risk of burns. You can easily turn the steamer ON and OFF with a simple foot tap. And it will blow your mind as it swiftly gives you a fresh look with gentle care.

An immense capacity of 2.5 liters of water with a power of 1500 watts makes this brown steamer ready to heat in just 60 seconds and keeps on steaming for about 50 minutes. No matter of space because of its adjustable pole. You can easily store it wherever you want to.

You will surely fall in love with 3 distinct and smart accessories, a “fabric brush” which removes grime to steam deeply, a “steam bonnet” for the fine fabric to avoid water dripping, and a “lint pad” to remove unwanted lint for perfect finishing.

  • 60-sec heat up time
  • 81 oz water tank
  • Adjustable screen and hanger
  • Insulated tubes hinder burning and accidents
  • Steam longer on heavy fabrics
  • Clips can’t hold much weight

How to Choose a Professional Cloth Steamer

Retain Fabric Quality

Steam cleaning is a process that helps you to retain fabric quality as new, and you can often enjoy wearing your favorite shirt or pants for a prolonged period. Moreover, suitable for those luxury items that you can’t wash and those that need a gentle wash or dry clean only.


Sending clothes to laundries and spending hundreds of dollars in a week is a straight loss. They wash your clothes with chemicals, and this also diminishes fabric age and quality. While cleaning garments with steam at home maintain clothes’ durability, and cut expenses.

Kills Bacteria

Dirty clothes can transmit pathogens which can cause disease. Studies demonstrate that tainted clothes (coats, shirts, and curtains) are ground causes for bacterial pathogens that may be linked with threatening infections. Best steam cleaners for clothes not only helps to get wrinkle-free clothes but also sanitizes and remove bugs and all type of allergens from the innermost sides of the fabric.

Stain Free

The steamer is useful to eliminate stains and smudges from the dress by excretion of steam forcefully from its nozzle by keeping a distance. 

Bottom Line!

Steam cleaner for clothes is the most effective and appropriate way to get wrinkle-free apparel. It helps you to be ready in a while without any hassle. The best part is that steam cleaning disinfects and maintains the quality of the fabric without spending hundreds of dollars by sending them to laundries. Here in the article, we just tried to select the best steam cleaners for clothes to save your precious time.


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