Can You Clean Berber Carpet With A Steam Cleaner

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Berber carpets enhance the elegance in any area of your house or office by adding a sense of softness and comfort to the living area. Originally Berber (looped style) carpets were inspired by the waving style of the North African Berber community, but they are typically used in various countries due to their coziness and versatility.

The flecks are arranged in a loop pile that connects to the back and remains uncut these carpets are also known as rugs, wool carpets, and many more. Despite being elegant, they are generally more affordable than other carpets but to increase their life span, you need to use the right way of cleaning.

So users often wonder if they can clean carpets with steam; if you are also struggling with the same query, you can read ahead.

Can You Steam Clean Berber Carpet

Markets have various steam cleaners that clean carpets beautifully and remove stains and dirt. Steam can effectively remove all types of long-lasting stains, such as tea, coffee, dust, grime, or liter.

The working of the steam machine is highly-functional and easy to handle as it removes the toughest stains from Berber carpets at any spot and even the Berber carpet on stairs. You can efficiently clear all sorts of dusty particles from the edges of stairs that will provide you with a feeling of comfort and softness.

Thankfully, it can clear out dirty spots fastly by going deep into the fiber of the carpet.

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6 Easy Steps to Steam Cleaning Berber Carpet DIY

Remove Things

Take extra things aside from the carpet, such as a chair, table, etc, before cleaning. Place your carpet in the open air; that helps it to be washed and dried quickly.

Remove the Dust

Firstly dust out your carpet with a dry cloth thoroughly. Even clean baseboards of furniture, fans, and also clean carpet as well.

Vacuum the Carpet

Secondly, you may use a vacuum machine on the carpet that soaks dirt particles and fluffs up its threads which would help you furtherly when you clean with a steam cleaner. Entirely vacuums the carpet using the technique of pull and push.

Steam Clean the Carpet

Fill your steam cleaner with water. You need to control the temperature of the water as directed otherwise, the steam machine won’t work efficiently and may damage your carpeting.

Start steaming at the edge of the carpet,  plug the switch to the electronic source and rub the surface of the carpet of the desired section. Move forward and backward repeatedly to clear persistent stains and filthy dirt. This will help you to get rid of stains instantly. This process of steam cleaning not only removes the stains but also helps to kill the carpet beetles effectively.

It is quite difficult to extract water from the Berber carpet, for this our recommendation is to use a carpet cleaner machine with high power suction to extract the maximum amount of water from it.

Air Dry the Berber Carpet

Now put your carpet in a dry or open-air place where it can take 6 to 8 hours to dry, but sometimes it may take more time according to the fiber to deep clean the Berber carpet.


As Berber carpets are made up of loose threads, the motion of the steam machine matters a lot in preserving the quality as well as newness of the carpet.

Although this method is highly effective, you may see some left-over or un-covered stains that may be too old to be cleaned. For this, you can use some natural hacks along with steam cleaning for double the cleanliness.

How to Get Old Stains out of the Berber Carpet

Old stains create a nasty look on your carpet; the saddest thing is that they do not clear out quickly when they get old. On the other hand, it dulls or faints the color of the carpet. Pet owners do have an idea about this, especially when they want to clear pet dry urine or vomit stains.

When you clean the desired area, you can blot the stain with a clean towel instead of scrubbing it. You can use soft -bristles brushes as most of the time; pet steam cleaner would not function properly.  But fortunately, some hacks would help to get rid of old spots, too. Here are the two-way solutions to these challenging problems;

  • Sprinkle baking soda on the stains.
  • Add vinegar to soapy water.
  • Spray it in a dirty place.
  • Leave it for some hours
  • Steam clean the stains

This trick can do wonders and you can deep clean Berber carpets yourself with professionals-alike proficiency but at the expense of fatigued body and tired limbs.

A Tip: If you add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to the water, it can even help detoxify and deep-clean your carpet. The results would definitely be worth it!


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