How To Clean Dirty Tile Floors Instantly! [5 Easy Steps]

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The best thing about the tile floor is that they are easy to clean by regular mopping and sweeping. But the problem arises when the shine of the tile floor faded and the grout becomes dark. Traditional mopping fails to clean the stubborn dark stains on the tile and grout.

We get into the fact-findings and search for the solutions that how dirty floors can be cleaned. Stay with us to learn how to clean dirty tile floors.

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Safety Tips for Cleaning Tile Floor

To keep you and your tile floors safe, must know about the precautionary measures that you must follow before cleaning. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Use high-quality cleaning solutions 
  • Avoid using chemicals 
  • Wear rubber gloves 
  • Also, wear rubber slippers during cleaning 
  • Use a face mask to avoid the smell of cleaning solutions 
  • Rinse the floor properly after cleaning 
  • Dry the floor completely 

5 Simple Steps to Clean Dirty Tile Floors

Cleaning tile floors at home is quite easy and consists of some steps that can be helpful for you. 

Remove the Dirt

In the cleaning process of tile floor, the first thing to do is to remove all the dirt or dust present on the surface of your floor with the help of a vacuum cleaner or a soft bristles cleaning brush.

Steam Clean the Grout

The grouts are the filling lines that are present between the tiles. The material of grout is porous therefore, it absorbs the dirt and becomes dirty. To remove the dirt from the grout use a brush and rub it on the grout until all the dirt absorbed in it is removed. 

Our recommendation is to use a steam cleaner for scrubbing tiles and grout because scrubbing with a brush is a tough job. Steam cleaner does it all in a few minutes.

Remove Stains

After cleaning grout, remove the dirty stains present on your tile floors. The stains may be of paints, oils, inks, and waxes. Clean all these stains with a scrubber tool or steamer completely. 

Rinse the Floor

Now after removing all the dirt, and stains, and cleaning the grouts of the tiles, rinse the floor thoroughly with the help of warm water. Splash warm water on the floor until all the cleaning solution removes from the surface of the floor, and no more stain is present. 

Dry the Floor

After completely washing, now simply dry your floor with the help of a mop or a fan. Try to use a dry mop to completely dry your tile floor. 

Steam Cleaning Tile Floors

Steam cleaner is a natural way of cleaning floors. Uses high heat with high pressure for professional levels of cleaning. With this method, you can get rid of sticky grease and ages-long stains. It helps to soften the dirt first and then vacuum it out, forms a protective layer, and keeps your floor clean for several months. 

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Which is the best cleaning solution for deep cleaning?

The best cleaning solution for tile floors is made up of ½ cup of vinegar, ½ tablespoon of dish soap, and warm water. This cleaning solution completely cleans your tile floor without damaging your floor. 

Will bleach hurt the tile floors?

Yes! The bleach can damage the shiny surface of your tile floor. Moreover, it also fades the color of your grout. Therefore, try to avoid the use of bleach and ammonia-based cleaners for the cleaning of tile floors. 

Which cleaning solution is used by professionals for cleaning tile floors?

The professionals mostly use water and white vinegar with a ratio of 1:1. This cleaning solution has a neutral pH and is more effective for grout cleaning. 

How do professionals clean tile and grout?

Professionals use a detailed process to clean the tile and grout. It consists of removing the dust, cleaning the floor, and using steam cleaners for this purpose. 

Bottom Line!

Well, we hope that all your questions related to How to deep clean tile floors are clear now and you have got all the necessary information about the cleaning of tile floors. So, the major step in cleaning the floors is to select the perfect kind of cleaning solution according to the type of your tile floors. Clean your tile floor step by step properly. For better cleaning of tiles, you can also take help from professional cleaners.

Moreover, you also follow precautionary measures before cleaning for your safety from chemicals. 


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