Mcculloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner – Black Friday Deal 2022

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Mcculloch Mc1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners stand out to be the best solution for keeping rooms and garages germ-free. They do not only effectively deal with bacteria and viruses dwelling in our homes but are also capable of removing tough grease, grime, and molds from a range of surfaces.

Today in a world full of innovations and variations, it is difficult for an individual to declare a unit as the best steam cleaner because every person has its own criteria for judging a product.

In this article, I have researched and reviewed one of the best steam cleaners from McCulloch. This is a heavy-duty steam cleaner that arrives with 18 accessories giving it the title of the most versatile cleaner ever invented! So, without further ado, let us get into its features and explore all the details it carries!

Mcculloch MC1275 Black Friday Sale

Mcculloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner [Black Friday 2022]

Keep in mind that the best steam cleaner for mattress is not the one that’s been rated best in the market, but can cover the expected house area and fulfill the desired duties. Let us check out if this highly appreciated steam cleaner is worth its hype!

Key Features

Below is a detailed review of Mcculloch Mc1275 heavy-duty steam cleaner; A machine that produce high pressure steam and allows you to get rid of dirt, stains, grease, and grimes effectively.

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Large Tank Capacity1. Superior Performance: A Large Water Tank

The bigger the water tank of a cleaner, the better would be its performance. This is because larger tanks tend to hold more water, which takes a bit of extra time to heat up but will perform better for a longer duration. This way, you would not have to switch off the entire system every time and make a refill.

McCulloch steam cleaner possesses a 48-ounce large capacity water tank, in which the water heats up in literally 8 minutes and then provides up to 45 minutes of continuous steam. Note that the water may get a bit cold if you switch the machine on and off between the cleaning processes. You may then have to re-heat the water again so that the steamer can do its job effectively.

2. Better Reach: An Extra Long Hose

Long Hose Steam Cleaner For Tiles And GroutTo make sure, even places hard to reach are easily accessible’ a 10 feet steam hose has been equipped along with a 15.7 feet power cord. So, no worries if your home’s washroom or kitchen does not have an active socket system. You can plug the machine anywhere in the house in the vicinity of 15 feet and use the steam cleaner to kill bed bugs, wipe away mold and grease off the flooring.


This long hose can also assist you in cleaning the top cover of your kitchen stove, where your hands or a mop would not easily reach. Just connect the cleaner and steam the entire area using the 10 feet hose pipe and tedah! It would be all done! You can also use the scrubbing pad attachment later for more effective cleaning.

3. User-Friendly Design: Steam Lock Switch

Steam Lock SwitchThis steam cleaner also saves your time by eliminating the need for constant supervision. If you want it to clean a tiled floor, push forward the steam lock switch, and the machine will provide continuous steam without requiring you to press the steam button repeatedly. Remember not to leave it on hold for longer, as there might arrive overheating issues or maybe a refill alarm.

Another user-friendly feature is the ease of refilling the water tank. You will be provided with a 16 oz measuring cup that can be used to fill the tank up to its capacity in 3 iterations only. So, you do not need to worry about the outflow of water since such measurements have been made by the company to ensure you can precisely fill-up the tank back again once it gets empty.

4. Versatility: Useful Accessories

Steam Cleaner With 18 Versatile AccessoriesDo you know what the best thing about this steam cleaner is? It comes with a range of accessories that suit different purposes, including cleaning the floor, a furniture piece, the car wheels, a marble counter, kitchen stove, and much more! Each of the equipment justifies its use in the finest possible way. For you to have a detailed outlook upon these accessories, I have explained to them with their said purpose below.:

  • A powerful jet nozzle: If you want to focus primarily upon one certain part of a furniture or an area, this jet nozzle can direct steam with full pressure. It helps in cleaning out the toughest dirt in minutes! This attachment makes it one of the best steam cleaners for tiles and grout.
  • A floor mop attachment: After you have steamed the entire flooring area, you do not need to get an additional mop to remove the residue off the floor. Just connect the floor mop attachment to the cleaner and brighten up your house floor!
  • Versatile Accessories And Attachments
  • A scrub pad attachment: Sometimes, the stains get stubborn and do not even get removed by steaming water. In such cases, scrub pads or sponges’ proof to be effective. McCulloch has taken care of this fact and has provided additional scrub pads for tidying larger surface areas properly.
  • A set of utility brushes: To clean grease off the furniture parts or kitchen equipment such as rusty oven or coffee makers, you need small soft brushes to reach every part of the dirty equipment. A set of nylon and brass brushes is provided with this steam cleaner to look after this factor.
  • A squeegee and micro-fiber pads: Best for cleaning car’s interior and exterior without taking your car to a service station. A pair of two micro-fiber pads and an 8.5 inches long squeegee can help you hose down your car satisfactorily! Isn’t is amazing?

Well, that’s not all! McCulloch Mc1275 steam cleaner review has also packed with some more information regarding other less frequently used accessories that comes with in the box, including a triangular brush, a funnel, and a carrying handle. User interfacing has been prioritized while designing and manufacturing this machine so that you do not have to search for and buy anything else along with this best steam cleaner.

Drawbacks Of The Mcculloch Mc1275 Steam Cleaner

As perfectionism is just idealism, this steam cleaner also possesses some drawbacks which you should be made aware of!

  • The brush attachment provided along with the cleaner may need to get frequently replaced after one or two cycles of usages. The nylon brushes may lose its bristles when made to clean kitchen stoves and rusty counters.
  • Buttons and connective pieces may get stuck and lose by changing and replacing them often.
  • No storage bag is going to be provided, so it may be a bit difficult to take care of the smaller attachments.
  • If you leave the system on hold for longer, the steam may lose its heat quickly and you would have to re-heat the water before using the cleaner again.
  • The steam cleaner is NOT budget-friendly

1. How to use McCulloch Mc1275?

2. What is the best heavy-duty steam cleaner?

Dupray Neat steam cleaner our top pick and McCulloch MC1275 are the best heavy-duty steam cleaners. Both models are multi-purpose steam cleaners and produce powerful steam that enables the user to get rid of tough stains, dirt, and grimes.

3. Can you use a steam cleaner on the carpet?

Carpet is a long-term investment for home. So think twice before cleaning it. Steam cleaner is the best option to clean carpets, area rugs, upholstery, and many more. It effectively eradicate stubborn stains, pets odors, and spots from the carpet without using toxic solutions. Moreover, it makes the carpet dry with in 60 minutes

4. Does steam cleaner kills’ bed bugs?

Bed bugs are one of the most toughest pests to kill that are hidden in fabrics and tiny holes. The steam cleaner is one of the most efficient ways of removing bed bugs. Constant exposure up to the temperature of 110 to 120F eradicates bed bugs, dust mites, and molds in just 15-20 mins depending upon the nature of work.

5. Is steam cleaner better than a mop?

The function of a traditional mop is just to soak up water and dust on the floor. However, steam cleaner not only clean residue that is still there after moping but also disinfect surfaces in and around the house. And keep the surfaces safe and hygiene.

6. Can I use McCulloch Mc1275 for cleaning a car?

McCulloch Mc1275 is the top most device for cleaning car interior. The hot and powerful heat that comes out in the form of vapors from the steam cleaner is the best way to remove dust, stubborn stains, pet hairs, and to kill 99.9% of the microbes that are hidden inside the car.

Bottom Line!

If you require to clean places regularly, then McCulloch MC1275 steam cleaner is a good choice to opt for. However, for occasional cleaning purposes, it is not worth to invest in a costly product. There are other cheaper options available in the market which can fulfill the same purpose. Also, if you can properly take care of its connectors and attachments, and would not end up turning them faulty, Go for it. But! Be ready to set aside an additional budget to replace the low-quality brushes attachment frequently.


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