Does Steam Cleaning Remove Odors – Answer is Yes!

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Does steam cleaning remove odors? And luckily the answer is Yes! You can get rid of these sticky odors within a few minutes. Keep reading this article to explore how!

We all love the feeling of stepping into a pristine space that smells heavenly. But what about those pesky odors that stubbornly linger around, making our living spaces less inviting? Keep your chin up there’s a magical solution that’s gaining popularity among homeowners – steam cleaning!

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Does Steam Cleaning Remove Odors – Check How!

Yes, steam cleaning is great at getting rid of those pesky odors! Imagine a super-powered cleaning method that uses hot, pressurized steam to work its magic. It’s like a superhero for your cleaning needs!

So, how does it do it? Well, the secret lies in the combination of heat and moisture. Steam cleaners produce hot steam at really high temperatures, usually over 200 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s seriously hot!). This intense heat is a big part of what makes steam cleaning so effective against odors.

When the scorching steam meets the source of the odor, like stains, dirt, or bacteria, it goes into action. The heat alone is enough to zap those odor-causing germs and bacteria, making your surfaces much cleaner and fresher.

But that’s not all! The steam also contains moisture, and this helps in two fantastic ways. First, it helps to loosen up all the gunk and grime that might be trapping those odors. This makes it way easier for the steam to lift away the dirt and the stink.

Secondly, the steam can penetrate deep into porous surfaces, like carpets and upholstery, where odors love to hide. By reaching into those nooks and crannies, steam can get right to the root of the problem and eliminate odors where they start.

And here’s another huge plus: steam cleaning doesn’t use any harsh chemicals! That’s right; it’s an all-natural cleaning method. So, you don’t have to worry about dealing with additional chemical smells. It’s a win-win!

Why Do Odors Linger?

Odors are tiny molecules of scent volatilized from liquid to gas; these small particles reach our noses. Our nose is the home of olfactory nerves and acts as a gatekeeper, and distinguishes various smells.

The scent molecules even enter into the porous surfaces of upholstery, carpet, and wall. They linger there even for months or years until the porous surfaces are disinfected, and the odor molecules dissipate.

It is why the musty smell comes from carpet or upholstery even after disinfecting the house with chemicals as chemicals can’t reach the crevices and pores of some surfaces.

Smells That Steam Cleaner Can Tackle

Musty and Moldy Odors

Musty odors – this term usually reminds us of an old attic or library where these smells prevail. Musty odors in the house are due to high levels of humidity or lack of ventilation.

You often found this odor in your bathroom due to the moisture in the air. It is the hub of mildew and mold and has a strong unpleasant odor that is hard to get rid of.

Fortunately, steam cleaning not only kills bed bugs, mold, and mildew but also efficiently kills odor particles. The high steam can absorb into the porous surfaces and disinfect them better than any chemical spray or detergent.

Dog and Cat Urine SmellPet Odors (Dog and Cat Urine Smell)

Pet lovers’ dilemma is to deal with the odors of their furry friends’ accidental spills. If your cat accidentally pees on your carpet, it seeps into the carpet.

Your best bet, in this case, is to use a steam cleaner. It destroys odor-causing particles that stay in the air and successfully removes the pet urine smell or dog urine odor from your house. And it also sanitizes and deodorizes the air.

Kitchen Odors

Rotten food, garbage cans, burnt meal, or dishwasher smell, let’s face it, we have all experienced funky smells coming from our kitchen. Although we can use detergents to clean the kitchen that would mean using chemicals where we cook our food – which is not a good idea.

Steam cleaners are the safest chemical-free method to ensure that the air and surface both are free from germs and odor particles.

The exceedingly high-temperature steam kills the germs and also cleans grease and grime from the grills.

Home and Car Odors

Poor ventilation is the culprit of general home odors. Your upholstery, carpet, or couches may have that lingering smell that screams of lack of ventilation, and poor hygiene.

Moreover, these have tiny pores where odor particles love to exist. Similarly, we experience mysterious odors in our cars due to food spillage or fuel and smoke smell.

Steam cleaning not only removes these lingering odors from carpets, couches, or rooms but also refreshes the car’s interior giving it a fresh vibe.

Our Recommendation for the Best Steam Cleaner for Odors

McCulloch MC 1375The power of steam is not only limited to sterilizing surfaces or cleansing years of grout and grime, but it can also diminish unseen and unpleasant odors. Our top pick for removing bad odors is Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Cleaner; let us tell you why.

It blasts away dirt and kills bacteria with its high-pressure steam. The steam can reach as high as 275 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to disinfect any surface and remove stinking odors.

The musty smell that lingers on and on in the house due to mold and mildew, or staunching pet odor – any odor can be removed by Mcculloch.

It comes with versatile accessories, a tank that holds enough water to last almost an hour of continuous cleaning and microfiber pads. An attachable fragrance disc is a star to add extra fragrance to the house.

Bottom Line!

Steam cleaners are odor busters. It destroys the odor particles lingering in the air in addition to removing the source of those odors. They lift off the dark grout grime and reach underneath the layers of dirt to destroy the source of odors. With the steam’s powerful ability to penetrate porous surfaces, it gets rid of odor-causing bacteria. Steam isn’t harsh like chemicals; it gently yet powerfully does the cleaning thoroughly and removes odors.


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