4 Easy Steps to Steam Clean Clothes Instantly at Home

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Worried about cleaning and to de-wrinkle the clothes at home? We come up with 4 easy and quick steps to steam clean clothes instantly.

Steam cleaning your clothes at home can save you hundreds of dollars and can bring a drastic change in your dry cleaning bill per year. Moreover, a steam cleaner remains gentle on many garments. A steamer works five times faster than a traditional iron, where you also have to face risks of burning clothes, stains, or scorching clothes. Moreover, steam cleaners are considerably cheaper than conventional irons.

Steps to Steam Clean Clothes Yourself

The steamer works as a conventional iron. Interestingly, you can use steamers on curtains, table cloth, upholstered furniture, and much more. This article provides good knowledge about clothes steam cleaning.

You must be looking for the best steamer for clothes as a reliable steamer may de-wrinkle your clothes instantly without much effort.

Follow the steps keenly to use the steamer in the best possible way. Using a steamer is not that difficult. We suggest you read the guide thoroughly, so you don’t miss any important points.

So, let’s discuss some of the steps to steam the clothes more efficiently to make them look fresh and new.

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Step 1: Get your Steamer Ready

Add water to the steamer and plugin the steamer. Within 2-3 minutes after you plug in the steamer, the steamer will start emitting heat. Let the steamer heat until it firms steam. As soon as you see the steam, you can begin de-wrinkling your clothes. For best results, distribute steam heat evenly on the entire garment.

Step 2: Hang on Apparel

Before steaming the clothes, make sure there is enough steam to de-wrinkle your clothes. You may also see some stubborn wrinkles, which you can remove by moving the steamer downward over the garment.

Make sure to hang your clothes in a neat and clean, rustproof hanger. Also, hang pants with their cuffs for a better result. So that became easier to move the steamer in the upright position and unwrinkled your clothes.

Step 3: Be Gentle

The stubborn wrinkles cannot be removed at once. So try to touch the steamer head slightly onto the garment to weaken the wrinkles. Now use an upright position or vertically steam the clothes unless the fabric is wrinkle-free.

Don’t push the clothes against any other surface. Be gentle, as the steamer will work on its own once you turn it on. Keep on pressing the steaming button to get perfect results. Also, you can use a handheld pad to steam the clothes if required. It is just an option as it is not necessary in many cases. This option is available for your convenience.

Also, if you find your clothes way more wrinkled, you can steam them from the inside. When steaming fancy clothes with ruffles or pleats, you need to keep the steamer between 1-2 inches from the fabric.

Moreover, if the embellishments prevent you from adequately steaming the clothes, you can run the steamer inside the garment for a better result.

Step 4: Air Dry

For excellent results, air dries the clothes once they are steam cleaned. While steaming the clothes, you will witness that your cloth becomes slightly damp. Wearing wet clothes is not appropriate. So make sure to dry your clothes after steaming your clothes. The minor water stains don’t make a problem, as it is considered to be a normal thing. They will disappear once your clothes are air-dried.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does steam cleaning clothes remove stains?

The steamer may not be your ultimate choice to remove the stain. However, you can treat the stained area with a stain fighter and then use the steamer to blast water and dry it out. If the stain persists, you must use another method to remove the stains from your fabric.

Can you use a garment steamer to clean the carpet?

A steamer surprisingly cleans your carpet. It helps to clean the carpet stains and allows grout cleaning and freezer defrosting. All you need to do is to point the nozzle towards the stain, and you will see the stain leaving its place.

How to steam clean a couch with a clothes steamer?

Plugin the steamer first. Wait until the steamer starts emitting heat. As soon as you can see the formation of steam, keep the steamer at a distance of 6 inches from the affected area and start the steaming. Now hold the stream in one hand and the fabric cleaning brush in another hand. Move the brush in the affected area while providing steam simultaneously. Use up and down motion for continuous provision of steam on the sofa and cushions. However, the steamers work great on a fabric couch.

Does steam kill bacteria?

Yes, of course, hot pressurized steam kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria from your clothes. Also, steam disinfection lets you eradicate several diseases and odors.

Bottom Line!

People are always wondrous about steaming clothes vs ironing because steam cleaning not only makes your clothes wrinkle-free but also helps to remove specific stains and spots. Whereas a conventional iron only helps you de-wrinkle your clothes. Steamers have made lives easier for many people. Not only this, it has reduced dry cleaning bills to great extent.


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