How Effective Is Steam Cleaning Against Tough Stains & Germs?

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Generally, steaming is a simple and one-step cleaning but an effective method of all. It doesn’t require expensive detergents and fighting with mop and bucket.

To know about how much steam is efficient in cleaning or harmful in another aspect, first, we have to know its making process. Actually, steam is water, but in the water-vapor form. Boiling of water at particularly high heat temperature makes powerful and effective steam.

Usually, the manufacturer always claims their product most useful and up to the mark. But if you want to understand the actual status of any specific product, you should also consider user reviews as well. It is the end-user who can show you the actual picture of any item.

How Effective Is Steam Cleaning? Let’s Find Out


The best thing about the steam cleaner is the versatility that takes this device to the next level. This single unit can be used for multiple cleaning purpose.

Initially, usage of steam cleaners was limited to cleaning wooden surfaces but the latest steam cleaning machines are powered with innovative and powerful features.

Now you can clean all types of hard floors (hardwood, laminate, marble, tiles). With the combination of several useful attachments, best steam cleaner gives outstanding performance in cleaning carpets, bathroom, mirrors, kitchen appliances, auto, etc.

It is considered as the best replacement for vacuum cleaners and shampooers, as you get both these functions and more in a single machine. Overall, this is an all-in-1 device and let you achieve desired cleaning results.


Steam Cleaner Kills 99% of GermsThe main thing is the cleaning performance that actually matters. With high temperature steam, steam cleaner makes it possible to give superior cleaning performance.

Among all other cleaning techniques, steaming is considered one of the most effective one. It kills germs and remove the most stubborn stains and dirt from any surface.

Steam cleaner efficiently kill bed bugs, dust mites, and prevents mold growth from recurring. It also deodorizes the odor-causing bacteria on cushions, pillows, curtains, stuffed animals, etc.

Chemical Free Cleaning

Steaming is the only method of cleaning that has the least side effects. It only uses tap or distilled water to produce high heat steam, which is free of any artificial substances. The chemicals could be extremely dangerous for any sensitive or mild surface and your skin as well. Sometimes these chemicals cause long-lasting damage to floors and fabric.

Easy Maintenance

With all the great benefits, one must think about the maintenance of this machine. No need to worry about this. Maintaining a steam cleaner is not a big deal, it is quite easy to clean and empty the water tank of the steamer. It also depends on steam cleaner, because some models come with re-usable filters and washable pads.

Save Cost of Detergents

With the steam cleaner, you can save the cost of detergents every month, as it only uses normal water to clean any kind of surface or equipment.  This shows the value for money because every penny counts.

Environmentally Friendly

Steaming is purely a natural process that doesn’t use any harmful material. It makes the atmosphere safe for all. So globally, steaming is the approved and safest technique for cleaning. It controls the dust particles and never lets to blow out, thus it is safe for allergens and asthma patients.

What NOT to Clean with Steam Cleaners

A versatile device like a steam cleaner is still not perfect for some surfaces and objects. Even it should not be used on those surfaces that are heat and moisture sensitive.

Avoid cleaning electric devices like TV, computer, gaming console, and laptops with steaming machine. Steam cleaner produces hot steam that can damage some mild stuff like silk, wool, and plastic. Other than that, steaming should not be applied on laminate floor, leather, painting, wall, cardboard, etc.

To buy anything, the price is one of the key features to decide whether to buy it or not. Obviously, steam cleaners are more expensive than traditional cleaners, even an average steamer is a bit costly than other cleaning equipment available in the market.

Where to Use Steam Cleaner at Home

Steam cleaner is one of the best cleaning device that can fulfill all your home cleaning needs. It emits high-pressure steam which kill bed bugs  and remove stubborn stains from a variety of surfaces. Here we are listing some of the most common uses of steam cleaner at home:

  • Cleaning BBQ grills and stove top
  • Chemical free cleaning of oven and other kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning and disinfecting kitchen countertops
  • Removing stains from tiles and grout
  • For cleaning carpet and hardwood floors
  • Cleaning dishwasher, ice and water dispenser
  • Steam cleaning and sanitizing sink faucets
  • Cleaning doors, windows, and mirrors
  • Steam cleaning bathroom countertops, shower and toilet
  • Makes wallpaper removal easy
  • Killing germs, bacteria, and bed bugs

Using Steam Cleaner at Hospital

Steam Cleaning at hospitalThe most challenging place is hospital to judge the effectiveness of steam cleaning. To protect their patients, medical and cleaning staff, it’s mandatory to sanitize hospitals on daily basis.

 According to different research about hospitals, we come to know that steam cleaning is a successful method to kill 99% of germs and bacteria, and pathogens. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is best suited for medical centers, veterinarian clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and other health care centers.

Final Verdict

Steam cleaners are becoming more popular due to its effective cleaning techniques. Although it is a costly product comparatively, still it justifies its worth with the power pack performance and ability to perform multipurpose action. Most importantly, before purchasing any steam machine, it is necessary to make sure whether it can fulfil your needs or not. For this you have to go through all the specifications and features, after that, you may be able to make a decision. The final verdict is quite favorable for the steam cleaning system and yes, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of steaming. It is really a helpful device.


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